Lexberg.no arranges cycling holidays for everyone, whether you travel with a group or alone, or participate in an event, there are always other cycling enthusiasts to share the experience with. Through us, you can book both bicycles and hotels in one place


If you want an active holiday then there is nothing better than a bike ride in scenic Mallorca. Explore the countryside, cycle through the nice little villages around the island or along the coast. Enjoy nature and experience Mallorca in a new way.

The mild and comfortable temperatures all year round make Mallorca one of Europe's best cycling destinations.

The landscape is very varied and includes both green and lush nature, exciting mountain landscapes and a beautiful coastline. With more than 500 kilometers of well-marked cycle paths, Mallorca offers experiences for those who cycle for fun, and those who live in Lycra.

Motorists in Mallorca are very considerate and it is safe to cycle here, but always be aware.


Lexberg.no has premises in Playa de Palma bay, which is a perfect starting point for cycling trips to most of the island. If you choose to live in the north at Alcúdia, we deliver and pick up bicycles. Alcúdia is a popular holiday area for families, but also a good starting point for cyclists all year round.

Both in Palma bay and at Alcúdia there are many opportunities for other activities, such as windsurfing, water skiing, kiting etc.

In addition to cycling, Mallorca can offer many other experiences. Here you will find everything from a rich cultural heritage to shopping, hiking, wine tasting, beaches and nightlife.

We are happy to help with suggestions and planning for those who do not just want to cycle.


Get on your bike and get to know Mallorca's hidden gems, here everything is ready for a successful holiday.